Equipment Discovery Platform

Help people access tools they need

QReserve's Equipment Discovery Platform makes research resources searchable and visible across labs and facilities to internal and external users helping resources be utilized and science get done. Available for campuses, organizations, consortiums, and other research clusters.

▪ Foster collaboration

▪ Attract industry partners

▪ Understand your capacity

▪ Track your resources

Benefits of enrolling your campus

Promote your institution's equipment and services to researchers and industry. There is no obligation for a researcher to provide access to equipment or services.
Integrate the QReserve search engine directly into your campus's website. Users can search within your own campus or our entire network.
Our campus liaisons will help your faculty and staff get their resources into QReserve. We provide far more than just software!
Help researchers generate additional revenue with industry and research collaborations.
Strengthen grant application by demonstrating a commitment to maximizing resource utilization.
QReserve is free for your researchers and website visitors to access.

Products and Services

Campus Equipment Web Platform

  • Integrate QReserve equipment search in your faculty or institution's website (Example).
  • Provide laboratory equipment management tools to your researchers and lab managers.
  • We provide on-site cataloguing to help get your campus online faster!


Real-time access to:

  • Search metrics
  • Inquiry volume
  • Participating lab catalogues
  • Researcher participation summary