Questions about QReserve?

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Is QReserve for me?

Researchers and Lab Managers

QReserve helps researchers connect and collaborate over equipment, services and other resources. Listing your resources in QReserve does not mean you have to give others access to your equipment but merely serves as a way for others to find you. Turn your idle equipment into new publications or industry partnerships while expanding the reach of your research program.

University Administrators

QReserve is for university administrators looking to help foster collaboration and industry engagement on their campus, who want to understand the resources within their facilities, promote their researchers, strategize on research investments and determine how to maximize existing resources.


QReserve is a great tool for finding academic researchers to supplement research and development projects at your company. If you know the expertise or resources required, search QReserve to find the nearest lab or facility with experts who can help you. Browse our Collaborative Research Funding Directory to find funding opportunities that help support industrial-academic collaborations.

Why should I list my equipment online? I do not want to let other people use it.

We understand that not all research equipment is available for sharing but QReserve can still help you! Listing your equipment in QReserve will help inventory the resources available on a university campus and help foster new collaborations.  For example, if you have a microscope with special features in your lab that you cannot share for various reasons then listing it on QReserve and marking it “Unavailable for external use” will still allow other researchers to discover you and potentially reach out for collaboration. It's a win-win situation.

My university asked us to use QReserve but my lab/facility already lists equipment on our website. What's the point?

By listing your resources in QReserve you are joining a growing network of labs and institutions making their resources discoverable from a single location. QReserve resources could be found directly from a search box on your institution's website or even from another institution when a user is searching for a specific item. Furthermore, our search engine is specially tuned for research equipment to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. By listing your equipment on your website, your campus ambassador or a QReserve team member may be able to add your items to QReserve on your behalf!

Some of my equipment is very specialized and used by our lab members only.  Should I list it in QReserve?

It is completely your decision which pieces of equipment or resources you list in QReserve, but it is our philosophy that the more open you are about your resources, the more potential your lab has to be discovered and form a collaborative research atmosphere.  Remember, listing your equipment in QReserve does not require you to grant others access to that equipment but someone may be interested in having you perform research in collaboration with them.

I’d like to try QReserve but I need to keep my pricing and other details private.  Can I choose what is shown in the system?

Yes, absolutely!  QReserve users who find your equipment or resources will see the name of the resource, description, your facility name, location, contact person, and a picture of your resource if you uploaded one.  Additional information such as pricing, availability, and other details become available only to registered users who request access to your site (which can be protected with a secret join code).

I have a highly desired piece of equipment and do not want to be inundated with requests for access. Can I refrain from listing this item in QReserve?

Yes, you can refrain from listing the item in QReserve, but you may miss opportunities for research collaborations.  Instead, we recommend listing the piece of equipment and writing a notice that, due to its popularity, this item is not available for external usage but you are interested in potential research collaborations. By making your intentions clear in the description you can help make requests focused to your intended uses.