QReserve launches at Hamilton Health Sciences

Hamilton, Ontario, December 17, 2015 — 

QReserve is excited to announce the launch of their research collaboration portal at Hamilton Health Sciences with over 100 pieces of equipment and services available for collaborations between industry, academics and researchers.

QReserve provides an unprecedented window into the research resources available at Hamilton Health Sciences while helping administrators to track and better understand research asset utilization.

"We are always looking for ways to help our researchers form new collaborations and QReserve's collaboration portal makes it even easier for potential collaborators to see our capabilities and to connect with us", says Hamilton Health Sciences' Director of Research Admin, Katie Porter.

She adds, "I see QReserve not only as a collaboration tool, but also a great administrative tool for tracking research assets - very helpful when applying for funding and for demonstrating the return on research investments."

Hamilton Health Sciences is joining QReserve's research portal containing over 4,500 research resources, services and facilities across Canada.

Find your next collaborator through the Hamilton Health Sciences QReserve portal at http://www.hhsresearchadmin.ca/partnership-collaboration/qreserve/.

About QReserve Inc.

QReserve Inc. was founded in 2014 to help organizations better utilize their assets and to help people form new collaborative relationships. QReserve's integrated asset management and collaboration platform is available for both public use and internal private use. QReserve operates out of the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario and received support from the Ontario Centres of Excellence, FedDev Ontario, and Industrial Research Assistance Program.

Media Contact

Brandon Aubie
CEO, QReserve Inc.