Growing and Expanding with QReserve

How a young, keen University of Twente lab uses QReserve to support its vision

Johnny Lammers van Toorenburg, Data and Facility Manager
Johnny Lammers can Toorenburg
Data and Facility Manager
Behaviour, Management, and Social Science Lab
University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

Johnny Lammers van Toorenburg is the Data and Facility Manager at the Behaviour, Management, and Social Science Lab (BMS LAB) at the University of Twente (UT) in Enschede, Netherlands. The BMS LAB is a young, fast-growing lab that supports students and researchers in exploring technological innovations to solve social challenges—and they have relied on QReserve to support their growth.

The BMS LAB started in 2016 as a project called Tech4People in UT’s Psychology Department, with a desire to bring more technology into the social sciences. The project grew into a complete lab for the Faculty of Behaviour, Management, and Social sciences, and the BMS LAB has since grown to support research and education across all of UT’s Faculties, as well as research and industry outside the university. The BMS LAB has recently opened a new location on campus to support their increasing activity.

To date, the BMS lab has completed 127 projects and produced 17 publications, with 22 projects currently running. Projects have ranged from studying improved visibility of navigation systems on roads to a virtual reality project with the national railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen; from eye-tracking projects with a local hospital to studying the use of health-tracking wristbands to encourage healthy behaviour.

And the BMS LAB wants more. They are eager to attract more research and become more deeply ingrained with education at UT.

As the BMS LAB grows, Johnny depends on QReserve to manage the equipment at the core of their work. With QReserve, Johnny inventories and tracks the ever-growing number of advanced technological resources, and coordinating multiple projects that often use the same equipment is easy.

Once users join the BMS LAB on QReserve, they can see which equipment is available and request to use it. Johnny and other administrators then decide which requests to approve, and the users gain access. Coordination is distributed among participating users, yet administrators control access and oversee activity. Management scales, yet remains centralized. And when Johnny suggested enhancements to the platform, QReserve was able to implement those improvements immediately.

The BMS LAB was officially opened April 19th, 2018.

"We are very happy with QReserve because it does what we need to do."

Johnny also depends on QReserve to demonstrate the value of the BMS LAB. By tracking yearly inventories and activity, he can show exactly what equipment is used, by whom, and how often. This information is critical for insurance purposes; in case equipment gets damaged, Johnny can track activity to the exact incident. This information is also important for showing UT how the BMS LAB contributes to research and education at the university. Demonstrating this value will be particularly important as the BMS LAB looks to expand and become more deeply embedded in education at UT.

The BMS LAB has done exciting work and has their sights on expanding the reach and scope of their work. QReserve is proud to provide the tools to support and foster that vision.